Monday, February 21, 2011

Instructions In Taking Althea Pills

Genoa - Roma 4-3


Genoa - Roma 4-3
Scorers: Mexes (R) to 6 ', Burdisso (R) 16', Totti (R) to 51 ', Palacio (G) at 52' and 74 ', Paloschi (G) at 78' and 85 '
Booked: Greek (R ), Daines (G), Mexes (R), Taddei (R) Totti (R)
Expelled: Rafinha (G)

Eduardo 5.5 I pick three but this time without serious faults, although it is' nailed on the cross to the ground allowing the two central defense of giallorossi lunges from the edge of his goal area. But leave it?

Mesto 5.5 no way affect the race, and say that nothing ever had before. Fancazzista.

Dainelli 6.5 dutifully keeps at bay Borriello, which trims an impressive array of kicks from behind, more or less unpunished. But a lawyer who respects what to do, not roll out red carpets and veils pitiful ...

Kaladze 5.5 Decreases the Totti to leave too comfortable comfortable two hits, one of which goes in passing under the intersection of underwear.

Criscito 6 Available from defensive troubles, lets go to an endless series of races at breakneck speed. Has merit and buttock necessary to refute the slippers that Totti should have scored on the Roma, and spooned the aftermath of a golden ball to Palacio, the call center for the final frittatona with zucchini.

Rafinha 5 inconclusive as a ministerial out well because the first 'must go to the grocery store and resume Regazzini to school, of course, the card will stamp him' someone else.

Kuck 6 Solid refractory to melt and who knows if it produces gas. In my opinion, could give lessons to students of Chemistry of the medium.

Milanetto 5.5 This can be seen only when the flowing hair straightened, the only thing besides the bank account that can be envied.

Rossi 5.5 Other AWOL, and say that could Castellini tycoon in one gulp.

Palacio 8 With the chain attached to the nape of the process, is the 'red and yellow flush to the defense and makes known to the world, if ever proof were needed, as Semo assholes.

Floro Flores 7 Hire a match of all staff with Julio Sergio, who decides that he must mark the deniable and denies everything, even the pussy and a glass of water to the thirsty. Not even if they have capacity.

Veloso 5.5 He can not do better than Milanetto. It 's all say.
Paloschi 8 In twenty minutes or so can not do everything he can in a whole season, and given that 'fracico inside. But that player!
Moretti 6 Rated political, politics has to do forever.

Julio Sergio 6.5 Can not suffer a dozen, especially when the stacker and 'Floro Flores. And wonders where the hell 'happened. Pora star.

Riise 3 E 'as a Imbriaco just been released from the fairgrounds of the Oktoberfest.

Mexes 4.5 Palacio bale from its parts, is just about to score a fine goal.

Burdisso 4 He scored, but then the back and 'always contrarian: first salt to make the offside trap but Riise does not follow, then take in the game that is easy Palacio Paloschi convenient for goal of 3 to 4.

Castellini Out 3 role, out of position, out of mind ... the fuck holes!

Brighi 5.5 muttered for half the race, then starts to make 'balls of saliva.

Perrotta sv It smashes prematurely.

Greek read Brighi 5.5, plus' an unhealthy tendency to carry the ball.

Simplicio 5 Outside role, out of position, out of context. Basically it 's never taken the field.

Totti 5 treason, after the best race of the last two years, one goal and two assists ... but fuck's sake, it engulfs the easiest goal of the balls breaking down the only pawn between him and the door. Unforgivable.

Borriello 5.5
The last to surrender, but it 's bewildered, did not get to throw a football on the net I miss my parrot. He suffers from immense solitude, so he Partouze accustomed to the night to find himself alone to seek cooperation from any ... Castellini himself and to wonder where the hell 'happened, how, and most importantly, why.

Taddei 4 Ready away and manages to get a parry as Edward, a guy who dodges if you can ... you can ce manna 'or go there yourself?
Menez 6 It 's a bitch luxury, and' the only one who can make you enjoy but never bareback. Siuri stuff, only Berlusconi and his AC Milan if they could afford. It 's a mystery why it has that other rincefalitico de Ranieri fielded quanno win and think you should' not take it, but so be it '...
Loria 3 Vedella A chase that Palacio lunges in total freedom, you do not know if Daje par de € de alms or sparaje to view. To him and those who put it on the field.


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