Monday, February 7, 2011

How Much Daylight Do We Gain After Dec 21

Inter - Roma 5-3


Inter - Roma 5-3

Schneider (I) 3 ', Simplicio ( R) 13 ', Eto'o (I) at 35' and 63 '(pen), T. Motta (I) to 71 ', Vucinic (R) 75', Loria (R) 81 ', Cambiasso (I) to 90'
Booked: Kharja (I), Borriello (R), De Rossi (R)
Expelled: Burdisso (R)

J. Caesar 7.5 seems that at the end of the game in the bag they found the social Paperinik boots.

Maicon 7 He can not contain Borriello that escapes from all the lace, then leave completely defensive and began to pound the zone of responsibility. Since no one follows him, makes the good and the bad weather.

J. Zanetti 6 hen broth is still acceptable, even if very small.

Frog 5 A pair of coarse and very risky actions are screaming for expulsion, but all in all it was not necessary. Pero 'and' always in serious trouble against the flickering red and yellow of the trio.

Cordoba 5 now bbona for ammazzatoro, a pale remember his speed 'and his head detaches imperative.

Kharja 6.5 An excellent first half, a shot so 'so'. Like all former Giallorossi, however, the protagonist of a race at least good standing.

Cambiasso 6.5 Motta to let the task of playing with low center of gravity, and slips a little in front to clog the spaces in the already 'fitted to fire Inter striker. Signs a network only useful for the many that we have to Fantasy Football.

T. Motta A 6 Riise waves of the work in the calculations laparoscopic liver. Freed of the annoying corpuscles, spins the ball judiciously, and then removing the taste of the rambling impallinare AS Roma rearguard with the goal dell'illusoria peace '.

Schneider 6.5 Make a goal of rare beauty rapidity 'of performance and pinpoint accuracy of the projectile. Troppoa takes advantage of freedom, 'but not' certainly not his fault.

Eto'o 7.5 elusive and essential, Leonardo square right 'cause understands that the weakness and' Riise. The former Blaugrana if the jelly without even putting on dentures but with the complicity 'of the opposing goalkeeper. Penalty shot in an impeccable, assists in recovery, in short, a fury.

Pazzini 6 rubs Not ever, but manages to avoid the offside trap and be a fool trooped by Burdisso. No fingers over his eyes, but not served.

Milito 5 saddened by the inevitable bench, jelly a goal and another denies him Julio Sergio. It's not 'vintage.
Nagatomo 6.5 looks like a cartoon, with the balloon that says "Banzaiiiiii"

J. 5 Sergio Log in colpevolissimi playing forty-five minutes late. Miracles that follow do not repay the bullshit that preceded them.

Drawers 6.5 And 'the only one not to suffer in the defense, also because' Eto'o turns away. It 'so nice to take advantage of apparent calm, and serves a millimeter assists for the temporary balance of Simplicio.

Riise 4.5 A force of recoil in the face of Eto'o, he nearly goes into his own goal. Meanwhile got to do the ball thrown by his opponent.

Burdisso 4.5 voting is not 'bound to do so and subsequent expulsion, as to how he tried, unsuccessfully, to put offside Pazzini and how' bypass done by the balloon which then led to everything else. He's out of shape bad.

Juan 6 out of breath but with dignity '.

Perrotta 6.5 runs per se 'himself and Vucinic Menez. What else to ask?

5 De Rossi loses the ball and protest, but play shit!

Simplicio 6 Just for the goal that I hope is enough to make me win at Fantasy Football.

Borriello 7 Before splitting the locker room, then try to rincollarlo, but the result is not 'like the original. Other than Americans, in Rome pe 'ce Vonn wins the Religious Teachers of Montessori.

Menez 6.5 Do not ask him to play for the team to return, to help the defense. And 'perhaps a luxury that no team can' afford a free ride and bring the ball like no other. Maybe not if you can 'afford even the Roma, not with Totti and Vucinic together, four would become luxuries, not even the Emir of Benin. Pero 'see him duet with Vucinic' a show.

Vucinic 7 How to support the comrades, read Menez. But last night was not wrong at all, illuminating San Siro per day with games of pure class. The goal will do 'squirm a friend of mine (Lazio), which is bad Sbrocca the cry that the Roma won pe' ass, but so ', and the reflection' was still valuable.

Loria 6 Only a little bench in Vedella seize me a heart attack, I miss playing more than I thought 'a ball, figuramose it was still pink, even more' that could be among the squad. Vedella in the field and 'was a sort of anaphylactic shock, and in fact just sees the goal of Thiago Motta to give me reason. The apotheosis of crazy when you put it inside ...
Taddei 3 Pathetic when simulating a slap in the face, scatapesciandosi to the ground dazzled by a touch of semi-non-existent.
Greek sv In twenty minutes of the race did not touch. Even these records are eh ...


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